Welcome to the Marvin Project

Marvin is an extensible, cross-platform and open source image processing framework developed in Java. The framework provides features to:
  • manipulate images;
  • manipulate captured video frames;
  • multithreading image processing;
  • integrate plug-ins with Graphical User Interface(GUI);
  • analyze plug-in performance;
  • extend features via plug-ins;
  • unit test automation;

The image processing algorithms are implemend as a plug-in and can be plugged into other plug-ins, thirdy-party applications and the MarvinEditor - an image editing software. Currently, there are 55 plug-ins available for a wide range of different purposes.

Latest Plug-ins



Marvin Framework 1.5.0 released. Added static class MarvinPluginCollection that allows developers to use Marvin image processing algorithms without managing plug-ins.


Marvin Framework 1.4.9 released. A bug has been fixed in color format conversion (binary to rgb). This release adds color thresholding to the boundary fill plug-in. It adds a subimage method directly in MarvinImage objects. The DifferenceColor plug-in now returns information about the comparison.


Marvin Framework 1.4.8 released. A class for dealing with mathematical methods was added, including a method to create a boolean matrix for morphological image processing.


Marvin Framework 1.4.7 released. A bug has been fixed with binary image export in PNG image format.

Video Demonstration

These videos demontrate some image processing applications using Marvin Framework.

Courtesy of Universidad El Bosque, Bogota, Colombia.
Project director: Oscar Arias
Student: Julian Avellaneda